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10 Types Of Lawyers You Should Know About

law gavelEven if you do not always have anything to do with attorneys, there may still certain types of lawyers it is necessary for you to know about in case there is a legal issue for you to sort out.

These are the most popular types of lawyers you should know about:

Tax lawyer: It is the requirement of the law that every citizen must pay taxes. Therefore, if you have any tax-related problem, like being accused of tax fraud or audited, a tax lawyer can help in reducing your tax liability, so that you pay a lower amount to the tax authorities.

Wills and estates lawyer: As death is one of the things every one of us must experience, it is good to write a will dictating what is going to happen to your assets after you have gone. In the absence of a will, the members of your family could be fighting over the assets left behind by you. In addition, it may take longer for those assets to be received by your family, while there may also significantly more taxes. The estate planning process can be easily handled by a wills and estates lawyer.

attorneyEmployment law attorney: After getting employed, anything can still go wrong. You could face issues like discrimination, harassment, violation of fair labor laws or wrongful termination. With an employment law attorney, the case can be handled for you.

Worker’s compensation attorney: In the United States, workers compensation is the system which is compulsory, enabling you to quickly and easily recover after having been injured at work. As your employer cannot be sued, you need to go through the worker’s compensation insurance system. The attorney ensures that you get all the benefits needed.

Contract law attorney: You need contracts for many things in life, whether you are buying a cell phone or a house. Real estate can be a complicated matter, and if the house you are purchasing has a cracked foundation, termites, or mold that needs removal, you will want to make sure repairs are mentioned in your contracts.  In the case of any breach of contract, or if you unsure whether or not to sign, the attorneys can help you in interpreting to complex legal documents.

Social security disability attorney: The social security system will help you if you become disabled at work. Unfortunately, going through the system, making claims, or making appeals after a denial is always very complex. With the help of the social security disability attorneys, you can have guidance.

Product liability lawyer: It is required that US products are safe when used as suggested. If any injury is suffered after this, the sales people and manufacturer can be legally held liable. When filing for damages, the attorneys can help.

law scalesPersonal injury lawyer: You can be affected for life if injured, as it can lead to serious financial problems and physical pain. If injured through the negligence or intentional bad behavior of someone else, the attorney can help you in getting damages in court.

Medical malpractice lawyer: It is expected of doctors to exercise reasonable care during treatment, and they need to inform you and get your consent before any medical work is done on you. If they fail to do that, the medical malpractice lawyer can help you in suing and being paid any damages for the failure of the doctor.

Criminal lawyer: A large fine or jail can result if you commit a crime. If accused of a crime such as driving under the influence (DUI), the criminal lawyers are there to help in defending you. In the US, a criminal lawyer can even be provided if you cannot afford one.